Booking Information

This property is for our personal use as well so we require responsible adults of the AGE of 25 or more. We also prefer you ARE Alberta residents or at least hold a job in Alberta for 2 or more years. We need the re-assurance that we can trust that things will be respected and not go missing. If items get damaged or lost, we have to be able to enforce our signed agreement and chasing someone down who's whereabouts is unknown can be an impossible task. We prefer to rent to families and/or mature couples only. There are no pets allowed in the home and absolutely no parties! You are welcome to have guests and people over for dinner. Just no late nights please. You may smoke cigarettes on the patio but not inside the unit. Ashtrays can be provided and must be used.

You can check in at anytime after 2:00 PM conditional it has been cleaned and we are ready for you. We understand that you might like to make use of the last day of your stay so we will offer you checkout time of 4:00 PM so you still have a home-base to operate from. This way you are not rushing around packing and cleaning when you could be otherwise enjoying the morning and early afternoon.

When you leave, we ask that you restore the cleanliness of the unit to the same way it was when you arrived. Cleaning facilities are supplied within the unit. We do not need towels or bedding washed but dishes and kitchen must be done for the next occupant.

Please know that you may be charged if the unit is damaged in any way or if something goes missing or broken. There are some expensive items in the unit so please be mindful as to who is going to be responsible for these things. We encourage to bring all family members but know that damage by small children is to subject to our damage policies.

There is an in suite telephone # which you may use for local calls within the area but long distance is restricted. If you need to communicate with people long distance, they will have to call you. The telephone number is available to you after your deposit is received should you need to give it to someone in advance to your stay.